Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Are We Ever Really Too Busy?

It's been a while since I posted on here -- maybe more than just "a while." I'd like to say I've been too busy, but that is the easy way out. Plus, if I read that someone had "been too busy" I wouldn't believe them or consider that a viable excuse for the neglect of comprising blog posts -- after all, how much time does it actually take.

Honestly, I have had a lot going on. My recent graduation and job hunt have occupied a majority of my time. For the past few months, I've been seeking new opportunities now that I have earned my degree. But it is tough out there. Still, I remain confident and optimistic about the future.

Well, if you are looking for a job, why don't you blog about that?

That is a question I've been asked a lot lately. It's a question I've been asking myself. My answer -- no one wants to hear about a twenty-something PR guy's job search. This blog exists to discuss PR and issues pertaining to its practice, future and relevance. So, I promise to get back on the horse and start writing.

Plans for the future?

What an open-ended question -- another one I have been both asked a lot lately. Personally, I am not a 'plan for the future' kind of guy. I am organized and think a lot about what I hope to accomplish, but I have always subscribed to the theory of 'going with the flow.' My plans require a stronger focus on the immediate future at this particular point in my life. I have no time to contemplate on long-term goals and expectations. Besides, I have always had a knack for exceeding expectations.

Anyway, just wanted to get back in the swing of things with this post. I understand it isn't interesting, but I simply want to assure my readers -- the few there are -- I will be posting more frequently in the near future.

Thanks for the support!

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